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Earn Curry tokens by completing quests on Redcurry Zealy platform.

Get the Curry Master NFT for learning and boost your rewards.

Win the $1,000 Curry Club Pass for helping shape the future of money.

Access exclusive educational resources and better your finances.

Collect the limited-edition Red Bird NFT for just signing up early.

01 - Sign Up

Click ‘Sign Up’ and join the 1,000+ people like you getting rewarded for learning and transforming the global monetary system.

02 - Take action

Complete epic quests on the Redcurry Zealy platform to improve your own finances and contribute to helping others.

03 - Get rewarded

Earn Curry tokens for every task you complete. Be active and level up to boost your token rewards and unlock other exclusive perks.

Let's nudge the global 🌍 monetary system together.

Money Renaissance is a movement designed to put you in control of your finances and transform the global monetary system.

Earn big for learning and mastering money.

Discover exclusive educational resources that will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to take control of your finances.

Join ‘Money Renaissance’ and get rewarded for learning!

Earn bigger for making a difference.

Each week presents a wide variety of opportunities to make a difference. Engage in collective efforts to better the global financial ecosystem and earn Curry.

Join ‘Money Renaissance’ and start earning Curry!

1xp = 1 Curry.

Each XP you collect will be converted to a Redcurry governance token, Curry, with a one-to-one ratio.

Level up to unlock higher rewarding quests!

Up for grabs ...

10 million Curry tokens and
20 exclusive Curry Club Passes.

Contribute to the ‘Money Renaissance’ movement and earn your share of the 10,000,000 Curry tokens, valued at $220,000, or get one of the exclusive ‘Curry Club’ NFT’s!

Get the exclusive 'Curry Club' NFC!

‘Curry Club’ is an invitation-only club for the biggest contributors to the Money Renaissance movement. Curry Club Pass is a limited edition NFT, or as we call it – NFC (Non-Fungible Curry), with one-of-a-kind artwork and numerous cool perks. These perks include fee-less Redcurry transactions, secret airdrops, and so much more!

10 Curry Club NFCs will be raffled among the most active participants and another 10 handed out for special contributions!

Limited edition collectibles for early birds! Join now!

Be among the first 3,000 people to join the movement nudging the global monetary system and get a limited-edition ‘Red Bird’ collectible for free!

This early bird digital collectible comes with exclusive benefits and special privileges within our community.

Questions? Answers.

Money Renaissance: The Rebirth of Money is a worldwide initiative aimed at creating a more inclusive financial system. We’re introducing a new digital currency that’s designed to do what traditional fiat currencies can’t: increase in value and safeguard people’s wealth against inflation. As part of this movement, those who join and contribute to shaping this new financial future will be rewarded for their efforts.

Redcurry stands for Real Estate-Backed Digital Currency. It’s like the Tether, but with a crucial difference: while Tether is designed to maintain a stable value, Redcurry aims to increase in value over time. Instead of being backed by cash, which can lose value due to inflation, Redcurry is backed by commercial real estate—similar to how the US dollar was once backed by gold. This not only offers stability but also the potential for growth. Plus, using Redcurry is as simple as using any fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Curry is the utility and governance token of Redcurry. Curry holders can profit from the growth of a stable, real estate-backed digital currency. By owning Curry, you not only benefit financially through staking and rewards programs but also have a say in the strategic direction of the ecosystem. Additionally, Curry can be used for transactions within the Redcurry ecosystem.

‘Curry Club’ is an invitation-only club for the biggest contributors of the Money Renaissance movement – true heroes with the shared mission of nudging the global monetary system and making Redcurry a reality. ‘Curry Club’ brings together the Redcurry team, investors, advisors, ambassadors, and potentially YOU! 🫵 

The ‘Curry Club’ pass includes a limited edition NFC (Non-Fungible Curry) with one-of-a-kind artwork and numerous cool perks like a chance to use new money first, feeless worldwide transactions, secret airdrops, and so much more! 🎁

The ‘Curry Club’ NFC (Non-Fungible Curry), also called ‘Curry Club’ PASS, is a limited edition NFT with one-of-a-kind artwork. It carries numerous cool perks, including a chance to use new money first, feeless worldwide transactions, secret airdrops, and so much more!

Curry Club members enjoy a lifetime of unparalleled benefits, including …

  1. Opportunity to use Redcurry first ⭕️
  2. Feeless Redcurry transactions 🤍
  3. Enhanced staking rewards 💰🌱
  4. Surprise airdrops, including one at the launch 🎁✨
  5. Priority access to new features ☝️
  6. Admission to private meet & greet events 🎟️
  7. Lifetime recognition as a key contributor 👏

This list is continuously evolving and growing.

Curry Club NFC-s cannot be bought. This is an invitation-only club for the biggest contributors to the Money Renaissance movement. There are currently 3 ways to get invited:

  1. Be among the first 100 people to invest $1,000 in the development of Redcurry and get automatically invited to the ‘Curry Club.’ More information here: Community Private Sale
  2. Join Money Renaissance. 10 ‘Curry Club’ NFCs will be drawn between all the ACTIVE participants! 100XP = 1 RAFFLE TICKET 💯 A minimum of 500XP makes you an active participant eligible for the raffle!🕺🏼
  3. Become Redcurry Ambassador. Significant contributions to the Money Renaissance movement earn an invite to the club, regardless of your leaderboard position or XP count on Zealy! Unlock the ‘Lead Capybara’ role on the Redcurry Zealy platform to get access to the ambassador quests, or submit your ambassador application in free form via (subject: Redcurry Ambassador).

The Curry Master NFT is a unique, non-transferable token awarded to community members who have successfully completed all lessons in the #MASTER REDCURRY curriculum. It signifies an in-depth understanding of Redcurry and its workings. As key contributors to the Money Renaissance initiative, Curry Master holders unlock higher rewarding quests on our Zealy platform and enjoy further benefits down the road.

The ‘Red Bird’ badge is a limited edition digital collectible (NFT) for the first 3,000 people who join the movement. It comes with several perks in our community.

Earn Curry tokens by completing various quests on the Redcurry Zealy platform that advance the Money Renaissance movement. Each quest clearly indicates the amount of XP (experience points) you can earn. Your collected XP is directly convertible to Curry tokens at a one-to-one exchange rate, meaning 1 XP equals 1 Curry token. Engage in activities that make a difference and get rewarded with Curry!

The total prize pool for our community program is 10,000,000 Curry tokens. The amount of Curry you can earn depends on your level of activity and contribution. Rewards for individual quests range from 10 tokens to 5,000 tokens. However, there is no upper limit to how much you can earn— the more you participate and contribute, the more Curry tokens you can accumulate!

All ACTIVE participants who collect at least 500XP become eligible to exchange their XP for Curry tokens at TGE (scheduled for Q3, 2024). It is a quick and simple process that only takes a minute or two. You can initiate the exchange by filling a form on our website, made available at TGE. We will provide the link to this form via our Discord server and in the Money Renaissance weekly newsletter, so make sure you’re connected and subscribed to receive these updates. After initiating the exchange, tokens are airdropped to your wallet according to the vesting schedule. See Q&A: When do I get my Curry tokens?

You can convert your collected XP to Curry tokens at TGE (scheduled for Q3, 2024). The vesting is similar to our investors: 10% of tokens unlock immediately upon the Token Generation Event (TGE), followed by a 4-month cliff, after which the remaining 90% unlocks linearly over 8 months.

It’s never too late to join! While some weekly quests may no longer be available, most quests are evergreen and accessible until the Token Generation Event (TGE). The Money Renaissance movement is ongoing and not a competition, allowing everyone to participate at their own pace. Plus, this campaign will have multiple phases coming up after this one ends.

The Money Renaissance campaign is designed to be evergreen, meaning it will run continuously. However, it is divided into several phases with different goals as well as rewards for participants—step-by-step improving both individual finances and the global financial system. After achieving each goal, rewards will be distributed, and new targets and prizes will be set.


Currently, our focus is on introducing Redcurry to the world. This matters because it empowers individuals by safeguarding their wealth against inflation and fostering a more inclusive financial system. This phase of the campaign will conclude with the Curry Token TGE, where participants can exchange their collected XP for Curry tokens, and Curry Club passes will be drawn among participants.

For all details about rules, rewards, and terms & conditions, visit the Redcurry Discord Server. It’s also the perfect place to ask any other questions you have that are not answered here.

Together we are unstoppable.​

Join money renaissance, a movement designed to put you in control of your finances and help foster a fairer and more inclusive monetary system.