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We are building a truly independent digital currency
backed by commercial real estate.

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Current monetary system is broken.​

Conventional money is not designed to preserve value.

Inflation is through the roof, and central banks print money faster than ever. The rapidly decreasing value of money forces people to work harder and longer to afford the basic necessities of life.

We have poor choices for storing wealth.

Most of us have no good options for saving money.

Securities are volatile, complex, and risky.

Investing in stocks and hybrid instruments requires thoughtful research and analysis.
This is time-consuming and needs specific knowledge.

Full research paper:

Gold is not a hedge against inflation.

Gold and other precious metals are volatile and come with hidden costs, including monthly storage fees and a high buy-sell spread. As proven over and over, gold provides no protection against inflation.

Full research paper:

Real estate has high barriers to entry.​

Real estate is a solid hedge against inflation but is notoriously illiquid and requires substantial capital to enter.
This makes it inaccessible for most.

Full research paper:

Fiat & stablecoins lose value.

Politics manipulate money value, making fiat unreliable for preserving value amid global economic challenges. While fiat-pegged stablecoins offer speed and utility, they fail to tackle the core issue: inflation and value loss.

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Flaws & Volatility in crypto.

Bitcoin’s volatility limits its use and acceptance. Furthermore, crypto markets struggle with issues such as stablecoins’ lack of transparency and DLTs not tracking real assets.

Full research paper:

Meet Redcurry.
Real estate backed
digital currency.

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Partnered with

Designed for global scale store of wealth.

Not a tokenized real estate. Not a security.


Backed by commercial real estate.

Hedge against inflation.

As inflation rises, so do property values.

Easy to use.

Use it like any other cryptocurrency.

Like the good old gold standard, only better.

Gold costs money to store, while real estate generates rental income.

Rental income is used to buy more real estate without minting new coins, steadily growing the value of Redcurry in circulation.

Perfect for payments and storing wealth.

The value of Redcurry is determined by the value of the real estate portfolio backing it.

This eliminates price volatility and makes Redcurry ideal for both everyday payments and saving up.

Autonomous, truly independent money.

Built on a legal and technological foundation that allows for a higher level of decentralization and strong DAO governance.

That makes Redcurry resistant to unstable and unsustainable centralized monetary policies.

Fully backed by Commercial Real Estate

Reserve assets and operations are published and ran on open source ledger through an ownerless legal structure.

Experimental, for definitive information see docs.


Built on experience

Created by real estate, wealth management, business development, technology and blockchain professionals.

Dejan Mansfeld-Rupnik


Renowned commercial real estate executive with over 1 Bill EUR transaction experience

Neeme Liivlaid


Seasoned real-estate
wealth management
expert, business developer, venture builder.

Asse Sauga


Investor, advisor, entrepreneur. Author of the book “The Bitcoin Wave – Catch the wave and learn to surf on it!”

Kaspar Triebstok


Experienced tech founder. Prop tech & decentralized technologies.

Mari Raudsepp


A multifunctional business developer with experience in finance, law, and start-ups.

Rasmus Metsva

Head of Community

Operations & project
management expert. DeFi
and early projects in crypto.

Britten Piller

Digital Marketing
A creative and strategic digital marketer specializing in crypto.

Our early investors, advisors, and guardians

A team of professionals with longstanding wealth management, product, crypto, and banking & finance experience.

Markus Pejacsevich

COO, Salamantex

Digital payments expert.
Specializing in creating
ecosystems for digital

Shirly Valge

COO, Velas

Experienced entrepreneurial and business development
professional with an established history of working in the crypto industry.

Daniel Knobelsdorf

Co-Summoner, Ethereum

Former Gardener of Commons Stack’s Trusted Seed. Co-Summoner of Ethereum.

Anti Noor

Group CEO, Aasa Polska

C-level leader and financial expert. Global business
developer, building multinational ventures and projects.

Dziugas Syksta


Experienced finance
professional and investor. DeFi

Janek Prümmel

Partner, Modera

Experienced sales and
partnerships expert.
Crypto enthusiast.

Merit Leib

Compliance Consultant

AML/CTF and risk expert in credit and payment institutions.

Vivek Prasannan

Founder & CEO, Polkadex

Computer engineer specialized on DLT technologies. Founder of PolkaDex and researcher at BitShares.

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