Let’s build the future of money together!

Revising systemic shortcomings of the global monetary system requires urgent action and ongoing attention — and Redcurry is committed to both.

Creating lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it achieved alone. That’s why we welcome partnerships with pioneering organizations willing to advance this work.

We invite leading blockchain, real estate, payments, and technology companies to develop strategic partnerships to enable communities to access stable hard money, build more open financial systems, and maybe even change the world.


Offer a true store of value to your customers.

Built on a legal and technological foundation that allows for a higher level of decentralization and strong decentralized governance.

Support next generation of money

Gold costs money to store, while real estate generates rental income. That rental income is used to aquire new real estate without minting additional coins, giving an extra boost to the value growth of Redcurry.

Redcurry is not tokenized real estate. Use it like any other currency.

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Payment partners

Despite their popularity, cryptocurrencies are rarely used for direct payments for goods and services in the real economy. Primarily due to their volatility. Typically, a payment in cryptocurrencies includes the conversion of crypto to fiat.

Redcurry has an objective intrinsic value referenced to fiat and has little to no volatility. Therefore, it can safely be used for payments without fiat conversion.

Read more about Redcurry’s benefits for Payment partners.

Technology partners​

Join Impulse Generator FundCybavo and others to build the next generation of inflation-resistant and truly independent digital hard money.

As an oracle, provide authoritative verification to Redcurry value and transport it to DeFi services utilizing Redcurry use cases.

Read more about Oracles’ role in the Redcurry system.

Blockchain partners

Redcurry brings real-economy revenue into your blockchain in a self-sustaining way. The net rental income of the CRE portfolio is reinvested. With no money leaking from this system, it becomes independent.

Our infrastructure enables the development of novel DeFi use cases, increasing revenue, liquidity, and transactions on your blockchain. This brings new developers, users, investors, business developers, and the like to your ecosystem.
Read more about Redcurry’s benefits on your blockchain.

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