Roadmap 2023​


Done so far

2H 2022
We have accomplished team formation, legal analysis, company formation, foundation preparation, tech team onboarding, and core product design. Additionally, we have produced peer-reviewed whitepapers and technical documents, closed an equity seed round, established an early member community, and secured key partnerships with accelerators, investors, and financial institutions.
Legal analysis and design 90%
IP company, core team, tech team committed
Core product design 90%
Whitepaper & technical documents peer reviewed
Equity seed funding round
Membership management backoffice


1Q 2023
Our current focus is on signing partnerships and expanding our advisory board while our product and tech team is working on launching our core product to issue and stake Redcurry. In addition, we plan to publish the Currynomics Foundation's mission and deed and onboard experienced board members for both the foundation and Redcurry Holding.
Ability to issue Redcurry 90%
Reserve asset hybrid management software. 90%
Establish B2B partnerships 70%
Design community strategy. 74%
Design DAO token economy and governance policy. 64%
DAO Token distribution model 80%
Digital asset management partner and oracle integrated. 80%
Onboard Currynomics Foundation and Redcurry Holding board members. 63%

2Q 2023

In Q2, we will launch the Currynomics DAO private sale, establish the Currynomics Foundation and DAO, create a €15M real estate portfolio, and issue Redcurry. Additionally, we have introduced a Redcurry staking program and a product for buying and holding Redcurry.

3Q 2023

In Q3, we will launch the public DAO token sale round and prepare for the DAO token listing. Additionally, we have introduced DAO staking products, increased the real estate portfolio AUM to €30M, and are in the process of developing our P2P escrow payment product (e.g. rental deposits) for a soft launch. We are also developing other products such as Redcurry as collateral for lending and borrowing and a Euro stablecoin.

4Q 2023 and beyond

We will launch our P2P escrow payment product and initiate the launch of the Currynomics incubator, which will incubate the first Redcurry external use-case startups. Our goal is to expand our real estate investments from €150M by 2024 to €1B and beyond, establishing ourselves as a reputable player in the open finance ecosystem.