Understanding RICS Valuation Standards Through Redcurry

Hello, curious minds and future financial trailblazers! If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, chances are you’re intrigued by the world of digital currencies and are exploring options that offer stability and growth. One such option is Redcurry, a digital currency backed by commercial real estate. 

But how do we ensure that this real estate is valued accurately and transparently? That’s where the RICS Valuation – Global Standards, or the “Red Book,” comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll unpack what RICS is and why its gold-standard approach to property valuation is integral to Redcurry’s mission of offering a stable and appreciating asset.

What is RICS?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is a professional body that sets global standards for sectors like real estate, construction, and infrastructure. The RICS “Red Book” is a comprehensive guide that outlines best practices for property valuation. It’s the gold standard in the industry, ensuring that valuations are consistent, transparent, and of high quality, no matter where in the world they’re conducted.

Why RICS Matters for Redcurry

Redcurry is not just another cryptocurrency; it’s a digital currency backed by commercial real estate. This means that the value of Redcurry is tied to a portfolio of real estate assets. To maintain trust and transparency, it’s crucial that these assets are valued accurately and consistently. That’s where RICS comes in.

By adhering to RICS standards, Redcurry ensures that the real estate backing its digital currency is valued in a manner that is both ethical and consistent with global best practices. This adds an extra layer of credibility and security for our community members, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and trust.

How Does RICS Work?

The RICS Red Book outlines a set of procedures and reporting requirements that valuers must follow. These include:

Preparation: Before the valuation process begins, a clear agreement is made outlining the scope of the valuation.

Investigation: A thorough investigation of the property is conducted, considering factors like location, condition, and comparable market data.

Valuation: Using established methodologies, the valuer calculates the property’s value.

Reporting: A detailed report is produced, outlining the valuation methodologies used, the final valuation figure, and any assumptions made during the process.

Review: The valuation is periodically reviewed to ensure it remains accurate and relevant, especially important in dynamic markets.

The Redcurry Advantage

Redcurry takes the RICS guidelines seriously. Our decentralized blockchain ecosystem ties the value of our stable currency to a commercial real estate portfolio’s Net Asset Value (NAV), evaluated following RICS standards. This ensures that the value of Redcurry is not just stable but also appreciates over time, thanks to the reinvestment of proceeds from real estate revenues.


RICS standards are more than just a set of guidelines; they’re a commitment to ethical, transparent, and high-quality valuation. For Redcurry, adhering to these standards is a way to ensure that our community can invest with confidence, knowing that the real estate backing their digital currency is valued fairly and accurately.

So, as you take your first steps into the world of Redcurry, rest assured that you’re not just investing in a digital currency, but in a transparent and stable asset backed by the highest global standards in real estate valuation.


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